24th October 2020, Bangalore - India.

About Us

We are a multi-genrational dynamic team of senior and next-gen spiritual leaders working together to foster a deeper unity amongst the body of Christ. BTN is primarily a platform..a forum where kingdom leaders unite together for the sole purpose of reaching the major spheres in the city.

BTN Vision

Our vision is to see Bengaluru city transformed on every level.

To establish churches across the city.

To identify, develop & mentor young entrepreneurs in the marketplace.

To help meet the needs of the marginalised and the abandoned in society.

BTN Mission

Bengaluru Transformation Network exists to bring to life the bigger picture - City Transformation. Our team functions as a learning community, sharing best practices from each of our diverse backgrounds. As we work together, we believe we can effectively combat the 4 major stubborn facts in society such as - "Fatherlessness" "Poor Education systems" "Poverty" & "Unemployment", thereby raising the quality of life of everyone in the city of Bengaluru.

Speakers and Panelist

Movement Day Bangaluru


The Senior Pastor of Shekinah Churches and the National overseer of the End time Harvesters Mission. He has laboured all of his life, over these years to raise Missionaries across the country in several states and heading many Pastors and Leaders all across the state of Karnataka to serve in God's kingdom and pray relentlessly for a State wide revival and transformation...

Movement Day Bangaluru


is the Founder of Rhoumai Missions International an organization committed to fight Human Trafficking nationally and Globally.

He also serves as a Pastor in Shekinah house of prayer and praise and helps the community as a philanthropist, Counselor, and a Motivational speaker...

Movement Day Bangaluru


Collin Timms is the Founder and Chairman of Guardian Bank, Bangalore, India.
He is the Managing Trustee of The Bridge Foundation, one of the earliest micro enterprise development organizations of India. An engineer by qualification, Mr. Timms established GSK Enterprises, involved in private equity investment in social ventures in health care, transportation, hospitality...

Movement Day Bangaluru


Duncan Watkinson serves as Managing Director of Turbocam India Pvt Ltd

He received his Masters degree in Mechanical Sciences from Cambridge University in England before travelling the world working on steam turbines and diesel engines for W.H.Allen of Bedford, England....

Movement Day Bangaluru


An entrepreneur who with his wife and friends registered 3CS after moving to Bangalore in 2009..

For 4years 3CSoffereda Biblical Entrepreneurship training program. Through this experience, Paul went on to do a study of Christian businesses in Bangalore,inpartial fulfillment of the requirements for an M.A...

Movement Day Bangaluru


Pastor Gavin Cunningham was privileged to be nurtured in a Christian family from his childhood.

He studied in private christian schools. He had a personal experience with the Lord during his high school in 1983 and was baptized the same year. He started working closely with the youth ministry of his church from that time on even as he studied to pursue a career in...

Movement Day Bangaluru


Pastor Sam X Kingsley Joshua assists the ministry of God of Mercy Church, Bangalore, as a worship leader and youth pastor. 

Movement Day Bangaluru


Rev Salome Joshua holds a key position as the Presbyter in the CSI Karnataka Central Diocese.

In addition to her bachelor’s degree in Divinity from Serampore university and a Bachelor’s degree in Theology from South Indian Biblical seminary, She has a masters degree in “ Sacred Theology from Pittsburgh theological...

Movement Day Bangaluru


Fr. George Kannanthanam, is a Catholic Priest and Social Worker.

He has been involved with various social programs for the marginalized groups since 25 years. He founded the HOPE Society in 1988 to work among alcoholics and drug addicts. He lived with the leprosy patients at the Sumanahalli...

Movement Day Bangaluru


Krupa Paulson is the Director of People and Programs at proVISION ASIA.

The organization is dedicated to empowering differently-abled individuals to independent and fulfilling lives; extending a hand up— not a hand out; inspiring Hope by providing an environment that fosters holistic transformation along with twenty seven...

Movement Day Bangaluru


Saraswathi Padmanabhan is passionate about investing in the lives of children.

In 2016 she founded Diya Ghar, an NGO for children of migrant laborers. They run the Montessori Preschool and Day Care Centers in Bangalore. Currently, they are supporting children and their families through their COVID19...

Movement Day Bangaluru


Sam Rajshekhar works primarily as a youth counselor, He holds a masters degree in leadership development, youth counseling and sociology.

From 1972 to 1992 – Sam worked with India Youth for Christ and served in various capacities in Belgaum, Chennai and Bangalore. In 1993 he Founded the Yuva Lok Foundation,...

Movement Day Bangaluru

Mr. Arun Samuel

Chairman & Managing Director of WINGS Group of Companies.

WINGS Group of Companies is synonymous with success. With nine business verticals, a global footprint across eight countries, and an employee headcount of over 8,500 and counting, the WINGS journey has most definitely been an incredible one. And the man behind this success story is Mr Arun Samuel. But this success story was not handed over to him on a silver platter. Mr. Arun Samuel started out with door-to-door sales where he experienced people, consumerism, and the market, first hand. He moved up from a promoter, to a supervisor, and eventually as an entrepreneur, and thus began the journey of WINGS!...

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